Guidelines for being a Prayer Partner

Thank you for offering your time and energy in the service of humanity! 

1. Using the Vigil
2. Prayer Partners Details
3. Offering the Vigil to Others
4. Prayer Partner / Healing Recipient relationship
5. Healing Recipient participation
6. Keeping the Healing list updated
7. Healing Recipients Details
8. Prayer Partner Integrity

1.   Using the Vigil

The Healing Prayer Vigil takes about 20 minutes to complete. You could either:

print out the Healing Prayer Vigil and have someone read it out at each session (if a group).
you can record it using your own voice and play it back during each session (if changing it)
soon you will be able to download a MP3 version where the Prayer Vigil will be spoken/energised by Les Dyer so that you can play this during your session.
Feel free to change it as necessary to best reflect your own connection to the Divine energy which is the source of all true healing. However, to the degree you can follow our format you will be synchronising with others.


2.   Prayer Partners Details

Please advise us by email when and where you will be undertaking the Vigil (your local day/time and where you live).

Here in Eastern Australia we undertake it at 7.30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Most existing supporters undertake it just once or twice a week at a time suitable to their own situation.

However, ANY time is great, thankyou.


3.   Offering the Vigil to Others

We encourage Prayer Partners to offer our Vigil to those who might benefit from being included. However, those receiving healing MUST ask for it if able (i.e. if a person is in a coma or is a baby, you may automatically put them on a list).

We ask for absolute integrity in this matter: If the receiver is in a position to ask it is important that they do so, otherwise this negates the law of free will. We do not send healing to people simply because someone else ‘thinks’ they need it.


4.   Prayer Partner / Healing Recipient relationship

We communicate via the Prayer Partner (never directly to the Healing Recipient – unless you direct them to us) whenever the original request for healing has come from a Prayer Partner. We believe in maintaining the beneficial integrity of the Prayer Partner/Healing Recipient relationship.

We only liaise directly when the original request was made directly. We will email you a letter that can be forwarded to the Healing Recipients you have added to the list (or you can download it here). Alternatively, you can email Healing Recipients a link to the Welcome Letter on our website – – which includes all the attachments they will require.


5.   Healing Recipient participation

We encourage participation by people receiving healing.

For this purpose, we send (via the prayer partner) those seeking Healing, the Prayer Vigil format and time/s so they can join in. (Alternatively they can get this information on the website).

This has been highly beneficial for many people .

We also send them (via the prayer partner) the list of Prayer Partners (non-specific information) so Healing Recipients are aware that people really are helping them. On occasions we have even sent photos of healing groups who have been undertaking the Vigil – this has greatly benefited the Healing Recipient, too.

If you have a specific suggestion to improve our service for someone you know, please contact us and we’ll do our best to support you.


6.   Keeping the Healing list updated

Please maintain contact with the Healing Recipients you add to the vigil and ensure that you notify us when Healing Prayer is no longer required. This is critical to ensure only those truly requiring healing remain on our prayer vigil, and the list remains manageable.

We also like to receive feedback regarding the benefits gained from the healing so that we can continually improve our service.
It also lets us remind our Prayer Partners of the beautiful gift they are selflessly giving to others.


7.   Healing Recipients Details

We ask for the persons name and details of their disease/condition for our records. Please note we only send out the Healing Recipients name to our Prayer Partners. We do not send out any details of the Healing Recipients illnesses/conditions to our Prayer Partners as we believe that Healing energy is universal intelligence and harmony. The Universal Intelligence/Love will assist where and how is best. We needn’t play the part of “doctor”. The service is, of course, free of charge.


8.   Prayer Partner Integrity

We ask each prayer partner to maintain integrity at all times. As well as only adding people to the list when they request it, it is also important that you only participate when you yourself are feeling healthy and whole.

Please email us with your Vigil details and Requests for Healing. Please also email any other questions. We look forward to a highly beneficial and rewarding Healing Prayer relationship with you.

With Love and Blessings,
The Community of the Heart